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NAUTICMAN® is a market leader in the field of quality marine equipment in the premium segment. We only use the highest quality and extremely durable materials and processed according to the latest guidelines. NAUTICMAN® products have been developed together with experts from the international marine area and with famous designers to meet the sports boat to luxury yachts claims both in fresh and sea water area.






NAUTICMAN® panels are available in a wide range of colors, decors and surfaces. But NAUTICMAN® is not just beautiful - it is extremly robust and durable. NAUTICMAN® panels are ideally suited for use in the recreational marine and nautique.


NAUTICMAN® is extremely weather resistant, sun, rain, acid rain or humidity affect neither the panel surface nor the core material. Large or rapid temperature fluctuations in the range between -20 °C and +80 °C do not affect the properties, stability or appearance of the panel.

NEVER PAINT AGAIN NAUTICMAN® tables and panels must not be recoated and eliminated the hassle of painting or impregnation. occur no significant changes in color for a Zeitrum of at least ten years, even under denhärtesten climatic conditions or in the Florida sun.

RESISTANT The high elasticity and tensile and flexural strength guarantee high impact resistance NAUTICMAN®. The homogeneity and density of the core ensure that the panel has a high pull-out force for fasteners. Regarding stability and workability is NAUTICMAN® comparable to hardwood, but NAUTICMAN® plates are insensitive to the effects of moisture and weathering, mold or rot can be excluded.

EASY TO CLEAN Because of the closed, non-porous structure of the smooth plate surface is dirt can not settle. Surface and cut edges do not have to be painted or provided with a protective layer. Even mold, mildew and algae can be removed easily and without residue by appropriate means, without the surface is attacked. NAUTICMAN® is completely insensitive to household cleaning agents or strong organic solvents.

FIRE SAFETY The fire behavior of NAUTICMAN® is building material class B2 (on request B1) according to DIN 4102; or Ds2, d0 according to EN438-7 and is comparable to that of hardwood. In a fire melt, drip or explode and retains NAUTIMAN® not long his stable.

SEA WATER RESISTANT are The specific characteristics of these plates NAUTICMAN® insensitive to a large extent to salts and alkalis. This makes them ideal for applications in nautical areas. They can also be cleaned easily, leaving with suitable solvents, without the surface of NAUTICMAN® is attacked.

VERSATILE DECORS A variety of colors and finishes offer almost limitless design possibilities. All colors and surfaces at a glance, see the brochure NAUTICMAN.

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